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The farm Luigi Ferraris located in the province of Pavia, in the heart of Lomellina (reign of rice) produces an area of 130 hectares, rice, maize and poplar.

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Lomellina, Terra del Cuore

Lomellina, Terra del Cuore

The Cascina Alberona movie

Cascina Alberona movie

Italian Rice

Italian Rice Certification
  • "RISO ITALIANO" is the brand that guarantees the origin, nature and quality of rice marketed by Italian operators. Cascina Alberona has this certification, issued by Risi National Authority, for much of the quality of rice produced on the farm.

  • • Visit the site of the ENTE NAZIONALE RISI

Carnaroli from Carnaroli pavese

Carnaroli da Carnaroli Pavese
  • "Carnaroli da Carnaroli" is the chain traceability certification: in practice, today our rice seed is obtained only from a controlled seed! The project aims to promote and discover the true Carnaroli, the variety of rice that more than all the others represents Pavia and its territory!

  • • Visit the site of the "CARNAROLI DA CARNAROLI"

Italian excellence

Italian excellence
  • Cascina Alberona is on EXCELLENCE ITALIAN, an initiative created to offer everyone the opportunity to monitor, in real time, the actual ID match Anti-Counterfeiting of Italian Excellence.
    These IDs are issued by the Editorial Board Excellencies Italian after proper verification of the quality and are presented by Affiliates is featured on the certificate of Excellence.

  • • Visit the site ITALIAN EXCELLENCE

TCI - Il Viaggio del Gusto

Il Viaggio del Gusto
  • Cascina Alberona also finds on the App Tour of the Touring Club Italy "The Journey of the Taste": an idea of travel open to the enjoyment of the taste of the food, the flavors of the landscape, the colors of the cultures. A journey through your own pleasures, all you need to know to find, find, try, enjoy, buy.

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Ermes Rice Branch

Carnaroli da Carnaroli Pavese
  • Cascina Alberona adheres to the Ermes rice chain to guarantee the quality of the product. Rice Ermes is a variety of rice obtained in Italy from the intersection of Venus rice and an elongated grain rice (indica variety), deliberately created by natural techniques.

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Venere Rice Branch

Video Cascina Alberona
  • Cascina Alberona adheres to the Venus rice chain to guarantee the quality of the product. Venus rice belongs to the Japonica subspecies and is an aromatic, aromatic rice with a scent of freshly baked bread and sandal, characteristic of Oriental rice.

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